• Gorgeously Black Gold Buddha Meditative Pose In Fiber

    Gorgeously Black Gold Buddha Meditative Pose In Fiber

    Dimension14*19*8.5 (In cms.) approx  DescriptionFinely carved teaching Budha statue for the perfect aesthetic value This teaching Buddha posed statue is one that signifies fulfilling one’s destiny, wisdom and understanding. The hand gesture is with the right hand placed at chest centre, the index finger and thumb forms a circle the left palm turned up resting on the lap. This style of Buddha statue is unique, especially with its finely details work on the robe and the head and the beaded appearance on the Cassock. .

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  • Traditional Pooja Plate

    Traditional Pooja Plate

    Dimension9 inch DescriptionThis circular plate featuring a Ganesh idol, handi, diya and conch is just perfect for performing any auspicious pooja. Superbly adorned with artistic Meenakari and bead work, the marble plate along with all its marble adornments and bold artwork is designed to set the right mood for a religious offering. 

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  • Chowki With Ganesh Ji & Diya

    Chowki With Ganesh Ji & Diya

    Dimension6 X 4 inchDescriptionThe small marble idol of Lord Ganesh adorned in red and gold artwork does complete justice to the traditional motif. The aesthetically done Ganesh Chowki comes with a marble diya tinted in similar manner – definitely adding to the charisma of the artefact superbly.

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  • Oxidised lakshmi saraswati pooja plate with diyas

    Oxidised lakshmi saraswati pooja plate with diyas

    Dimension9 inch DescriptionThis extremely artistic 7 diya plate featuring the idols of Lord Ganesh and Goddesses Laxmi and Saraswati is designed to create a feeling of complete devotion towards the almighty. The beautiful artwork of self carved ethic patterns that adorn the entire plate sets just the right mood for a religious offering.

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  • Ganesh Parrot Design Chopra

    Ganesh Parrot Design Chopra

    Dimensions:3.5 inchDescription:Beautifully molded to perfection, the parrot-themed Chopra makes no mistake in impressing the real art-lovers. Being a true sense of delight for those who are in love with their culture, this article proves to be a unique piece of work on marble and certainly a rare ethnic art that speaks for itself!

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  • German Silver Pooja Thali

    German Silver Pooja Thali

    Dimension5 inch Dimension This German Silver Pooja Thali features intricate patterns on its metal body to make it quite an eyeful. The tiny bowls or katori and diya that form part of this set are essential for performing various religious rites on auspicious occasions, this Pooja Thali set takes care of all that. This set can be the best choice for bringing in an aesthetically pleasing Pooja accessory to home.

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  • German Silver Incense Stick Holder

    German Silver Incense Stick Holder

    Dimension10 Inch approx DescriptionThe German Silver Incense Stick Holder makes for an exceedingly aesthetic choice for carrying around incense sticks. The intricate design work on the body of this German Silver Incense Stick Holder makes it much more than merely a simple piece for keeping incense sticks in the household, or while on the move. Moreover, the lid, attached to the main body with an ornate chain, adds to the convenience of the users. It can act to highlight the refined sense of aesthetics of its owners, while also providing an extremely useful choice for keeping and carrying ar...

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  • Sun shaped subh labh

    Sun shaped subh labh

    Dimension5 inch approxDescriptionThis sunflower shaped twin dangler set looks as bright and dazzling as the real flowers. Beautifully decorated with lak and bead artwork on the pure yellow kundan base, this set spells peace and prosperity for not only the owners but also the onlookers who feel mesmerized by its sheer beauty. 

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  • Round pooja plate

    Round pooja plate

    Dimension8 X 1.5 inchDescriptionThis circular pooja plate crafted from kundan helps to create an ambience of devotion that is as pure as the material itself. The plate is decorated with beautiful bead and lak work around the edges and features two small circular containers and small lak swastika placed opposite to each other.

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  • Leaf shaped chopra

    Leaf shaped chopra

    Dimension6 X 4 X 1 inch DescriptionThe leaf shaped kundanchopra is so well crafted that it looks almost like a real leaf. However, what gives this magnificent piece of artwork away is the awesome bead and lak work that adorn the base and the central stem of the leaf, that make it great decorative item. 

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  • Half mango shaped chopra

    Half mango shaped chopra

    Dimension6 X 3 X 1 inch   DescriptionThis kundan chopra having a deep yellow base color of a ripened mango is sure to make you smile just with the fist look. The sheer beauty of the ethnic bead and lak work done in orange, red, green and white colors, enhance the grace of this magnificently designed set. 

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  • Shubh labh leaf chopra

    Shubh labh leaf chopra

    Dimension6 X 3.5 inch   DescriptionThe most prominent highlight of this kundan leaf chopra is the swastika symbol crafted from lak that adorns the center of the leaf. The surrounding decoration done in lak and bead is just there to further add beauty to this most pious Hindu religious symbol placed on beautiful green base.

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  • Leaf shaped shubh labh

    Leaf shaped shubh labh

    Dimension5 X 4.5 inch   DescriptionShubh-Labh remains the central verse of our households from ages. We take pride in offering welcome to our guests with Shubh-Labh letterings. This lovely piece of craft speaks a lot about this custom. The Shubh-Labh leaf really operates well with the dignified theme – bringing tradition and tribute together to prompt our culture on top.  

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  • Kundan shree ganeshay namah

    Kundan shree ganeshay namah

    Dimension17 X 10 inch DescriptionWith Ganesh Idol appearing on the header, this work is defined to serve your artistic needs.  The idea of worship comes strong with this pious piece of art and is great for entrance door decor. Made in kundan, this unique Shree Ganeshay Namah scripted decorative artwork makes no mistake in arresting your mind. With Ganesh Idol appearing on the header, this work is defined to serve your artistic needs most pleasantly besides pleasing your religious sentiments at its deepest.

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  • Star formed shubh labh

    Star formed shubh labh

    Dimension4 X 4 inch DescriptionThese twin symbols of auspiciousness and prosperity will add grace to any house or temple doorway. Shaped like stars, these kundan danglers elude a sense of harmony and profit from the moment they are hung up inside a home or office. The bead work further adds grace to the set.

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  • Shubh labh toran

    Shubh labh toran

    Dimension7 X 5.5 inchDescription Made from authentic kundan material, this twin piece Shubh-Labh Toran looks quite assuring in its design. The very lively yellow color makes it appear even more true to its feel. A must have at any house entrance this religious Toran competes the definition of devotedness quite comprehensively.

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